Split Filigran Filigree Jewelry Croatia


11 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Liesl ILedan says:

    I was recently in Split and I wish I knew about your store. I would like purchase a matching ring and earring. Please advise me how to go about it. Thank you.

    • Hello Liesl, please tell me if there’s anything in the gallery that you like? Viktor, the jeweller, rarely makes sets, so if there is a ring you like, he could make matching earrings and vice versa.

  2. Liesl ILedan says:

    I like the ring shown prior to picture of lady wearing earrings. A matching stud (not dangling) earrings would be nice. Perhaps you can attach pic when you reply to make sure we are describing the same design.
    Thanks for your quick response.

  3. Liesl says:

    Hello Tam (Tamara?),
    My ring size is 6 and if Viktor is able to make matching earrings, I prefer studs and not dangling with a diameter of 1 cm (I have small earlobes). I am also interested in one of your flat pendants if you can tell me the size of the pendant that would be great.

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  5. Alex says:

    Looking at some of the ring options, are most of these available? can you tell me what pricing would be? the Turquoise ones, the one that is pictured with three or four rings, it has fine small circles and then a solid silver sort of dot at the center, it’s a raised sort of dome ring. Thank you! Beautiful work

    • Hello Alex, most of them are probably sold out by now, BUT similar ones can be made. Each item is unique and therefore the weight is not the same. The price depends on the weight of the item. If you wish to find out the approximate price of the item and order to have it made, please send the photo of it, with your question, to the following email:

  6. maria novatt says:

    I saw an 18ct yellow gold filligree cross in a store that looks like yours. The cross was embedded with tiny pearls. Do you have this cross?

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