This Year’s Newest Creations

Hello everyone!

We have some new designs on offer! Check them out in our gallery here or on our Facebook page.

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Update regarding Etsy shop

Hello again,

We received some messages regarding our Etsy shop, asking when are we going to list new items.

As you can see, we currently don’t have any items listed on Etsy and there are several reasons for that. One of them is that there are many new items that we haven’t had time to take proper photos of yet. Other reason is that Viktor makes the items one by one, so by the time we take the photos of the item and list it on Etsy, someone else could buy it directly at the shop!

And lastly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest for silver filigree jewellery on Etsy, unfortunately.

The only people who expressed interest in Etsy listings are people who follow Filigran Split on Facebook. None of the items we previously listed on Etsy have been sold, except for the custom listing.

Having said that, if you see an item (here or on Facebook) that interests you and would like to purchase it, please drop as a message on Facebook/Etsy or leave a comment here on WordPress website. We will then list the item so that you can purchase it via Etsy if you wish to have some sort of insurance and traceability regarding your purchase.

Otherwise, it’s possible that you pay for the item via PayPal or direct bank transfer.


Civljak family & Tamara


New creations for winter/spring 2014/2015

Thank you to everyone following us via Facebook and WordPress, and to those who have left reviews on TripAdvisor!

I’m happy to show you the new designs from Filigran Split shop. Maybe you’ve seen them already on our Facebook page.

As most of you know, it’s a one-man-shop and there’s a limit on how many items can be produced at a time. That is why Civljak family can’t sell online or do custom orders during summer, as that is the time when their little shop is busiest.

Due to high demand this summer – probably thanks to social media and publicity in DiscoverSplit newspaper – they had one of the most successful seasons!! But because of the increased demand, their cousin, also a jeweller (truly a family business!), joined the shop and contributed his own designs, hence the new styles.

You can see all the new designs in the Gallery.

Thank you once again, for spreading the good word about the shop and purchasing!


Civljak family & Tamara



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